Regular Giving

By joining our regular giving program Smiles you will help support reducing the number of children and young adults affected by poverty.

Blue Sky Project has helped change the lives of hundreds of children around the world by providing for their basic needs, ability to be educated and improving their quality of life. Unfortunately we are limited by the funding received by our generous donors and each year must turn away schools, orphanages and communities in need.

What is Regular Giving? Regular Giving

Regular giving is so important because it gives Blue Sky Project the financial stability to dedicate funds to changing the lives of children less fortunate. We operate without the assistance of the Australian or any foreign governments. So thanks in large to our Smiles donors, we can continue to deliver our projects where it matters most.

Why become a Smiles member?

Your ongoing monthly donations will help us to achieve more, and reduce the number of children and young adults affected by poverty.

Each July, you’ll receive a receipt for all your Smiles gifts over the financial year. Of course you can increase or decrease your monthly gift or cancel at any time.

So thank you for generously considering to become a Smiles supporter, you are helping countless children, both today through much needed supplies, education and support, and tomorrow by providing opportunities that previously seemed unachievable.

Just a few of our many achievements:

  • Within the last 5 years more than 1200 children have already benefited from Blue Sky Project’s support
  • We are delivering projects and creating a positive impact on the lives of children in communities across Indonesia, Ukraine, Cambodia and Nepal
  • Blue Sky Project are providing opportunities for children and young adults to achieve things previously thought impossible
  • We have recycled books across Australia redistributing throughout Asia, creating libraries for communities and schools in remote areas
  • Blue Sky Project is entirely operated by volunteers with in-country coordinators providing valuable ongoing engagement with local communities

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On behalf of the children and communities we support, thank you for your kind generosity!