Information Disclosure Policy

Blue Sky Project is committed to making information about its programmes and operations available to the public. Blue Sky Project considers public access to information a key component of effective participation of all stakeholders, including the public, in the achievement of its objectives. Blue Sky Project recognises that there is a positive correlation between transparency, including through information-sharing, and public trust in Blue Sky Project development work and humanitarian activities.

Blue Sky Project management is accountable to the Blue Sky Project Executive Board. Blue Sky Project management considers that public access to Blue Sky project information further facilitates Blue Sky Project’s transparency and accountability.

This Information Disclosure Policy (this ‘Policy’) is intended to ensure that information concerning Blue Sky Project programs and operations is available to the public, subject to the limitations set out in this Policy. Blue Sky Project will make available reliable and timely information about existing conditions, decisions and actions relating to the activities of the organisation, in an accessible, visible and understandable fashion, unless the information is deemed confidential.

For purposes of this Policy, ‘Information’ means any produced content, whatever its medium (paper, electronic or sound, visual or audiovisual recording), concerning a matter relating to the policies, activities and decisions of Blue Sky Project.

Information accessible to the public shall be made available, as much as possible, reasonable and practical, on the Blue Sky Project public-access web site. The Policy excludes data that exist in raw form, either physically or electronically. Blue Sky Project is not in a position to respond to requests that require the selection and/or manipulation of data to produce content.

Confidential Information is not subject to disclosure. Blue Sky Project categories the following information as ‘Confidential Information’:Information received from or sent to third parties, with an expectation of confidentiality; Information whose disclosure is likely to endanger the safety or security of any individual, violate his or her rights, or invade his or her privacy;Information whose disclosure is likely to endanger the security of Member States or prejudice the security or proper conduct of any operation or activity of the organisation;Information covered by legal privilege or regulatory proceedings, or that subjects the organisation to an undue risk of litigation, or is related to internal audits and investigations;Internal inter-office or intra-office documents, including e-mails and draft documents;Commercial information, if disclosure would harm either the financial interests of the organisation or those of other parties involved;Information which the organisation believes would, if disclosed, seriously undermine a policy dialogue with a Member State or an implementing partner; andOther kinds of Information which, because of its content or the circumstances of its creation or communication, must be deemed confidential.

Any person or organisation may request the disclosure of Blue Sky Project’s non-Confidential Information that is not otherwise available through the Blue Sky Project public-access web site. Requests for disclosure should be sent to Blue Sky Project through the Contact Us page.

All Information requests will be handled promptly. The requestor should expect to receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the request within ten (10) working days (in Western Australia). Depending on the complexity of the request, Blue Sky Project will endeavour to handle all requests within thirty (30) days after the acknowledgment of receipt is sent. For information requests that involve the reproduction of material, Blue Sky Project may request a donation fee for material and labor cost, which will be communicated to the requestor and will need to be paid in advance.

Blue Sky Project may partially or wholly deny a request, as follows: In accordance with the limitations set out or referred to in this Policy; If the request is deemed by Blue Sky Project to be an excessive demand upon Blue Sky Project’s resources; or If the request, in the judgment of Blue Sky Project, appears to be frivolous.

The implementation of this Policy will be subject to existing rules on intellectual property and other proprietary rights including, but not limited to, patents, copyrights, and trademarks, which may, inter alia, limit a third party’s right to reproduce or exploit information.

No representation is made or warranty given, express or implied, as to the completeness or accuracy of Information provided by Blue Sky Project. The requestor shall apply discretion when using the Information made available by Blue Sky Project. Blue Sky Project will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from use of the Information.

If you have any questions regarding our disclosure policy, please contact us.