Blue Sky ProjectBlue Sky Project is 100% dependent on the gratitude and generosity of people to provide funds for us to continue helping those less fortunate.

We encourage our supporters to help in various fundraising activities that can provide vital funding to our programs. Through this much needed fundraising we are able to deliver real value and impact to the lives of children all over the world.

Through simple fundraising activities we have provided sanitary toilets and running water to schools, delivered much needed food and supplies for struggling orphanages, educated children and young adults on health, sciences and medicine. We have also helped regional communities to deliver vocational programs, teach English and ensure stability ans safety by contributing to education programs and a reduction in dangerous items within communities such as land mines and weapons.

Every dollar raised through fundraising activities goes directly to one of our programs that deliver real benefits and help communities. At any point in time we have a number of active fundraising activities to help promote awareness and raise valuable funds for Blue Sky Project’s programs. We are flexible in providing opportunities for our volunteers to contribute to these existing fundraising activities or create their own fundraising activities.

All donations to Blue Sky Project are 100% tax deductible.

For further information about how you can helpĀ fundraise for Blue Sky Project pleaseĀ contact us.