Blue Sky ProjectBlue Sky Project would not exist without the generous support of its corporate partners.

Our corporate partners provide assistance to our back-office administration, helping us to focus more resources and effort on delivering our programs to those in need. Our corporate partners vary in their contribution to Blue Sky Project, some provide assistance by helping cover our yearly operating costs through pro-bono products and services, while others provide much needed financial funding.

This ensures that the donations and program funding we receive throughout the year is not diluted by administrative overheads and operating costs.

By allocating more resources and critical funding to our programs (instead of administrative overheads), we are able to deliver real benefits to those in need more efficiently than other charities.

Our Directors have extensive experience with developing and executing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and initiatives for organisations. We are more than happy to discuss how Blue Sky Project can play a key role in your organisations CSR initiatives.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can partner with your organisation, for further information please contact us.