Stability & Safety

Stable and Secure CommunitiesEvery child deserves to grow and develop within a safe and stable community. However due to many unfortunate circumstances, some children in the world are caught up in unstable communities lacking security and safety.

In many of these circumstances, children become the silent victims and become trapped into the poverty cycle. A lack of stability and safety in a community can lead to a lack of education opportunities and facilities, medical and other vital services.

While many communities throughout the world benefit from the support and care of other charities and NGOs, there will always remain a small proportion of high-risk areas of instability where others refuse to help or care for children. At Blue Sky Project we dedicate specialist programs and resources to helping communities rebuild and bring stability and security to vital areas where limited assistance and help previously exists.

Our goal with these initiatives is to help bring stability ans safety to regions that will provide opportunities for children to receive quality educated and grow up as valuable contributing members of their community.

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