Blue Sky Project SchoolsA large number of schools throughout the world lack the basic necessary infrastructure and supplies to the simplest of deliver learning programs. From kindergarten through to senior high-school, many community-based schools struggle to operate day to day with scarcely available resources. As a result of this, the quality of education is low and in some cases the schools are forced to close removing any access to basic education for families in the local community.

Blue Sky Project is helping community-based schools in underprivileged areas through its School in a Box and Recycled Books Programs.

A ‘School in a Box’ is an inventory of supplies such as basic stationary, classroom aids, books and sports equipment. Supporters can purchase a School in a Box for a specific region of their choice, and what’s more, you can select and purchase it online right now. Blue Sky Project takes care of the purchasing and packing of the supplies, shipping and will facilitate delivery of your School in a Box by one of our own in-country representatives.

We will also capture the special day your School in a Box is delivered to your school, including personal messages of thanks from the teachers and students. You’ll receive this in a pack shortly after delivery of your ‘School in a Box’.

To purchase a School in a Box, please visit our Shop or to contribute to the Recycled Books program please contact us.