Burma in Portrait

Blue Sky Project and Olympus Imaging present the work of photographer Paul Cashman in “Burma in Portrait”. The exhibition displays the beautiful diversity of Burmese people in the context of their daily working lives.

All proceeds from the exhibition will fund a project to build a school for impoverished children in the Irrawaddy Delta region of Burma. Whilst Burma is a beautiful, proud country, there exists many old farming areas which provide limited opportunities for the education and health of children. Typically, schools are funded by communities, not the local government. As such, many primary schools in the Delta region are very basic with (for example) mud floors, bamboo or timber frames, and tarpaulin walls. Such environments are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions in the area and make learning difficult. The planned construction project will provide a clean, safe place to learn all year round. Once complete, the new facility will also attract both educators and students in the area

To help achieve this vision, The Blue Sky Project has partnered with Helping the Burmese Delta (HTBD). HTBD was founded in 2008 in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, which struck the Irrawaddy Delta region of Myanmar (Burma). Over 140,000 people were killed and it caused enormous physical damage to the villages. Since this time, HTBD have helped over 61,800 people and built 29 schools. The impressive achievements of this charity have helped educate over 3,400 children. Every dollar donated to our charities gets to Burma.

We invite you join us at the exhibition launch event on Sunday 21st of April (between 3pm –5pm).

Ellis House is located at 116 Milne St, Bayswater Western Australia, next to Bayswater Gardens. Directions can also be found at http://www.ellishousecommunity.net/contact/

Please let me know if you have any enquiries at Burma.In.Portrait@gmail.com