Art Exhibition for Children of Crimea

The requirement for children to play as part of their early social and physical development is an accepted part of normal society. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, this basic need is not always attainable due to challenges faced by communities including conflict and civil unrest.

Currently in the Crimea Region there has been a significant increase in displaced families due to the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Many families have found refuge with relatives and are living in cramped conditions as they share small two-bedroom apartments. Returning home unfortunately is not an option, and in most cases their homes have been reduced to rubble by bombing that has occurred during the conflict.

Due to the influx of families migrating to the region and the absence of infrastructure funding in the past, most areas suffer from a lack of playground and childcare facilities.

Blue Sky Project aims to build safe playground facilities at an apartment complex isolated from the main community. The complex consists of approximately 450 small apartments with more than 40 families with children under 5 years old. In this apartment complex alone, there has been a population increase of over 30% due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The existing playground located nearby consists of metal bars concreted into the ground and considered unsafe and not suitable for small children.

There are no play facilities within walking distance and most families do not have access to transportation. Recently some of the Australian Blue Sky Project team travelled to the area and met with members of the local community. The community will certainly benefit from having play equipment that is safe for the children and contribute towards their learning and development.

Blue Sky Project will be funding the project by conducting an Art Exhibition in Australia. The artwork at the exhibition will be sold via silent auction awarded on the night, bids will be able to be made online prior to the event and on the night. The artwork for auction has been kindly donated by Olga Sheptonova, Blue Sky Project’s Crimea Region Co-ordinator. Olga is a talented Russian artist that uses her artwork to fund humanitarian projects in Crimea. Many of her friends and family currently reside in the Crimea Region after being displaced from the regions of Eastern Ukraine. She currently lives in Moscow with her husband and children, travelling regularly to Crimea to manage assistance projects for displaced communities.

All proceeds from the sale of the artworks by silent auction will go towards establishing playground facilities for Children in the Crimea Region.

Exhibition Details:

Thursday 29 September 2016 : 7PM

Upstairs @ The Ellington Jazz Club

Perth, Western Australia

More information on this exciting event will be published in the coming weeks.