Blue Sky ProjectBlue Sky Project’s vision for the future is:

All children and young adults across the world
have access to quality education, providing opportunities
to contribute towards improving their local communities.

In order to achieve the vision, we have developed a strategy with a number important critical imperatives which underpin our organisation.

Our strategic imperatives are:

  1.  Maintain effective and transparent governance.
  2.  Offer an attractive multi-tiered value proposition.
  3.  Enable informed decision making and effective business management with Information Technology.
  4.  Develop and provide captivating awareness campaigns and education programs.
  5.  Actively market a distinct, recognisable and trusted brand.
  6.  Conduct programs that maximise benefits to local communities.

Having successfully achieved our 5-year anniversary of operating, Blue Sky Project is ambitiously reviewing its Strategy and setting the direction for the next 5-years. In parallel with this review, we are also developing a new web site which is expected to be released in April.