Our People

RRoy Wallaceoy Wallace

Director & Founder

Roy has been involved a number of charities throughout Africa, Australia and Asia. He has extensive management consulting experience across the Asia-Pacific region and has a Masters of Business. He lives in Perth, Western Australia.



Paul CashmanPaul Cashman


Paul has worked in remote corners of the globe with numerous volunteer organisations. He has recently returned to study a Masters degree in business with a focus on social investment and philanthropy. Paul lives in Perth, Western Australia.



Jason BalchandJason Balchand


Jason is an entrepreneur that operates a number of successful businesses. He has experience in identifying unique market opportunities and establishing competitive alternatives for consumers. Jason lives in Perth, Western Australia.



Sedira KetutSudira Ketut

Indonesia Co-ordinator

Sudira has helped many individuals and organisations over the years in co-ordinating and facilitating charitable activities throughout Indonesia. He operates a tourism business from the Indonesian island of Bali, where he lives with his family.



Jeevan Lama GolayJeevan Lama Golay

Nepal Co-ordinator

Jeevan has managed a variety of successful new business start-ups in his native Nepal. He also has extensive experience delivering humanitarian relief and education programs across the region for the under privileged. Jeevan lives in Kathmandu, Nepal.



Olga SheptonovaOlga Sheptonova

Crimea Region Co-ordinator

Olga is a talented Russian artist that uses her artwork to fund humanitarian projects in Crimea. Many of her friends and family currently reside in the Crimea Region after being displaced from the regions of Eastern Ukraine. She currently lives in Moscow with her husband and children, travelling regularly to Crimea to manage assistance projects for displaced communities.