About Us

Blue Sky ProjectBlue Sky Project is a registered Australian charity and Non-Government Organisation (NGO) operating since 2010.

The objective of Blue Sky Project is to contribute towards a reduction in the number of children and young adults affected by poverty. In particular, Blue Sky Project is focused on providing improved quality of life, safety and education in less fortunate, lower socio-economic, and regional areas.

Blue Sky Project operates as an independent charity organisation, not a subsidiary of a larger NGO or multi-national charity. This allows us to maintain ownership and control of how funds are managed and distributed (from your donation to those in need). This ensures we can minimise administrative overheads and limit “donation-leakage”, resulting in higher dollar-benefit ratio across our programs compared with other charities.

Blue Sky Project’s vision for the future is:

All children and young adults across the world
have access to quality education, providing opportunities
to contribute towards improving their local communities.

Having successfully achieved our 5-year anniversary of operating, Blue Sky Project is ambitiously reviewing its Strategy and setting the direction for the next 5-years. In parallel with this review, we are also developing a new web site which is expected to be released in April.